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Commonly Asked Wedding Planning Questions and Answers

Do You Do Beach Weddings? We love beach weddings. Anything that you do in a chapel wedding we can do on the beach. The wedding is carried out with the same format as our chapel weddings.

Do You Perform Renewals? Absolutely, we hold renewal weddings in high regard. The ceremony is carried out just as if it were the first time. We give you a certificate of renewal as a keepsake to remember the occasion.

Can We Get Married In Myrtle Beach? The city of Myrtle Beach has a "no commercialism" law on the books. It simply means that you cannot do anything on the sand that you have to pay for (this is only in the city limits of Myrtle Beach) there are several options. This portion comes from the City of Myrtle Beach website:

Public parks in commercial areas, by reservation ... Commercially produced and non-commercial weddings are permitted in public parks in the commercial areas of the city, with an approved facility use permit. Contact the Parks Division at 843-918-2332. Shelter rental is required if a shelter exists at the park ($25 for city residents; $42.75 for non-residents)

Here's a list of city parks in commercial areas:

  • Hurl Rock Park, Ocean Boulevard at 20th Avenue South

  • Nance Plaza, Kings Highway at Ninth Avenue North

  • Justin W. Plyler Boardwalk Park, Ocean Boulevard at Mr. Joe White Avenue (11th Avenue North)

  • Cameron Park, Ocean Boulevard at 27th Avenue North

  • Woman's Club Park, Ocean Boulevard at Haskell Circle

  • Futrell Park, Mr Joe White Avenue and Dunbar Street

  • Park at the former air force base, Farrow Parkway or Myers Avenue

How much is marriage license?

  • County residents: $50.00

  • State residents: $75.00

  • Out-of-state residents and all others: $100.00

Do you perform the sand ceremony? YES, the sand ceremony replaces the traditional unity candle lighting, which is next to impossible on the beach. We will provide the sands and the "take home" vase for you or you can buy your own and bring with you. It is also a beautiful ceremony to incorporate the children in the sand ceremony, symbolizing your lives forever mixed into one.

Do you come to North Carolina? YES, we cover several of the North Carolina beaches in Brunswick County as well as plantations and golf resorts. The license in Brunswick County is $50.00 with no waiting period. It is cost efficient if you live in North Carolina to get married there. The license is $100.00 in Horry County for out-of-state residents and there is a 24-hour waiting period.