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Serving the North & South Carolina Areas
Serving the Myrtle Beach
& Sunset Beach Areas

South Carolina Wedding Locations

Enjoy a wedding on the beach in North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas, or in the county areas of Myrtle Beach. Also on the beautiful nearby beaches of North Carolina. If you'd like a more private place, we have chapels available in North and South Carolina for you to have your candlelight wedding. There are many wonderful places here, and it's hard to list them all. Please call us, and we can discuss the best place for your big day.

From North Myrtle Beach on Highway 17 going toward North Carolina, when you come into Little River, we are located across the street from the second Hess Gas Station; with a tall lighted palm tree out front. We are on the left just before Luck Avenue. Our sign is out front.

For further location information, please go to MapQuest or Google Maps and enter your location and our physical address, 1471 US Hwy 17. And you can find out the miles and specific directions from your location.

Also Available for Myrtle Beach Weddings or North Myrtle Beach Weddings

The Gazebo

Beachfront Courtyard

North Myrtle Beach


McLean Park

8th Avenue North

North Myrtle Beach


On the Beach

39th Avenue South

North Myrtle Beach

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Location and Travel Charges

  • North Myrtle Beach – $35.00 + package 

  • Surfside and Garden City – $75.00 + package

  • McLean Park – $35.00 + package

  • Myrtle Beach (not on beach) – $50.00 + package

  • Cherry Grove - Package – $35.00 + package